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Bharathanjali was established in 2003 by Mrs. Priya Manoj to confer the knowledge gained from her Gurus to the coming generation. She endows training in all aspects of Indian classical dance. She and her disciples performed in various stages and her excellent caliber and choreographic skills granted her disciples many awards. Bharathanjali mainly aims to supplement the Indian art form and spread its charm among the people.

Bharathanjali impart training in classical dance forms – Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattom & Kuchipudi. And conducted various programs in Kerala & abroad and also choreographed different type dance programs for Indian Social Centre, Kerala Social Centre, Malayali Samajam, Kerala Arts Loving Association, Vidya Association, Gamco Group, Shakthi Association, Abu Dhabi. Now bharathanjali is giving training at Kerala social centre, Abu Dhabi.

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About Priya Manoj

Priya Manoj-Indian classical dance teacher in mussafah, Mohiniyattam dancer

Smt. Priya Manoj - A versatile classical dancer and performer,who is renowned for her Guru-Shishya methodology.She envisioned of becoming a dancer and has eminent Gurus to thank for making her dream come true. She is a research scholor and a dynamic choreographer.She has been conducting various workshops to discover the intuition of the body with music in real-time compositions. She has been bestowed with many accolades and citations which include the prestigious. Dr.Kalam Smrithi Award(2016) and the Natya Choodamani Award(2017).

Professional Training

During her early years she was under the training of Surendran Pandavor and Kalamandalam Sridevi Gopinath. She performed her Arangetram in 1989 also was honored with Kalathilaka Pattom at District & Sub–district levels and in Inter-zone competitions and also received many prestigious rewards from various dance competitions. She pursued a rigourous regimen of dance education, achieving proficiency in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam.

She has Masters in Literature and even got a B.Ed. Degree and had worked as a Teacher in a School at Abu dhabi.During those days she pursued in bringing dance back into her life and established her dance group ‘Bharathanjali’ and she still continues research Pursuing along with her performances and teaching responsibilities.

Training Center - 'Bharathanjali'

‘Bharathanjali’, taking Classical dance classes in Mussafah and Abu dhabi, imparts training in dance forms like – Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattom & Kuchipudi. She takes students who have a genuine interest and portray strong talent into her school. Along with her previous students, she does a variety of performances in Mohiniyattom and Bharatanatyam in different parts in Kerala. The dance workshops are not merely workshops but opportunities for students to start developing their skill to choreograph. She gives individual attention and helps students to try and visualize the way the want to present their performances.

Priya sees dance as a medium to translate very important messages. According to her,only if people are passionate about what they do will they pass it on to the coming generations. Therefore Bharathanjali mainly aims to supplement the Indian art form and spread its charm among the people.

Personally, Priya’s favorite dance form to perform is Mohiniyattom, but she likes to teach Mohiniyattom, Bharatanatam and Kuchippudi. Her first production ‘Navarasamayan, She feels that through Mohiniyattom she can be closer to God. She is very thankful when she says that she has been so blessed to get a chance every year to perform in Guruvayur.

The rare combination of dancing and writing is well blended within her. Her teaching method, demands perfection and she commits herself to bring the sense of devotion and dedication in her students, which reflects in their performance by leaving the sense of spiritual fulfillment in the audience.

Bharathanjali-Dance Class in Abu Dhabi
Dance classes in abu dhabi- Bharathanjali